Skill and Will:
 The Success Drivers That Lead to Growth...or Failure

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Nancy Bleeke

Sales Pro Insider, Inc.
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As a business owner or leader, you strive to define and achieve the company goals and objectives. Yet, is your drive enough to pull the whole company through?

Unfortunately not. Each sales person on your team will positively or negatively impact the results "in the books" at year end.

To make the most positive impact, each person in your company needs the Skill to "do" their job well and the Will to proactively get it done. 

Discover Why:

  • Skill and Will is so important for growing your business
  • Some of your sellers say they will prospect, but never find the time
  • Others get stuck discounting price and giving concessions
  • Many spend too much time blaming the market, the company, or the product for their results
  • A few will waste time on reactive activities versus proactively building their sales opportunities
  • Some of your Account Managers will see the same people over and over again and neglect to find more opportunities within those existing accounts

Here's what we'll cover in this 50 minute virtual training:

  • What Skill and Will is and why it matter so much
  • The four Success Drivers you need to know
  • Why these Drivers lead to your company's success or failure
  • How to identify the level of Drive in your sales people
  • The "evidence" to collect when hiring new sales people
  • Easy strategies for building Drive

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