June 29th @ 2:00 p.m. Central

Inconsistency Wrecks Sales Growth:
The Plans You Need to Succeed

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June 29


2:00 PM


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A special

workshop for

 Financial Advisors

Nancy Bleeke,

Sales Pro Insider, Inc

Figuring out what to do for sourcing and converting new clients is a process of trial and error, they say. Or is it really trial and learning? Either way the trial and action part is the key to success while inconsistency is the killer.  

Stop killing your growth by executing a strategic approach to your selling efforts. It’s easy when you have the plans you need to succeed.

Join me Wednesday, June 29th at 2 p.m. Central for a free and virtual workshop:

Inconsistency Wrecks Sales Growth:
The Plans You Need to Succeed

In this 40-minute workshop, I'll share:

  • The two components for a sales strategy that fits your business.
  • How to strategically think about the variables for your lead generation plan.
  • The formula for identifying YOUR metrics that matter.

I’m excited to share this actionable information with you!

Not available at this time? Register anyway and the replay link will be made available for a limited time.

About Nancy Bleeke, MBA: Nancy is the President of the Sales Pro Insider sales growth consulting firm. Nancy and her team have worked with relationship-driven professionals for longer than they care to admit and have served financial professionals since 1998 generating millions of additional revenue and AUM.

She specifically relates to people who never thought they'd be in sales because neither did she! Her award-winning book, Conversations That Sell, was again named to the Top 50 Sales & Marketing list by Top Sales World. It's a "how to" of ethical selling for collaborative, client-focused professionals. Nancy is a frequent contributor to many publications including Top Sales World, Fortune, Sales Gravy, and industry blogs.

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