September 29th @ 2:00 p.m. CENTRAL

Are You Giving Up on Prospects Too Soon? A Simple Strategy to Re-Engage Prospects Who Ghost You

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Nancy Bleeke

Sales Pro Insider, Inc.

Have you ever had what seemed like a GREAT sales conversation with a prospect, only to have them "ghost" afterward?

If so, you’re probably left with many questions:

  • How can you re-engage this prospect?
  • Should you try to re-engage them?
  • How can you stop the ghosting the first place?
  • How much “checking in” is needed?
  • And does more than one check-in make you look desperate or pushy?

Great questions — and I’ll answer them in this month's free virtual workshop on Tuesday, September 29th at 2:00 pm Central so you can eliminate your “ghosts” once and for all.

Are You Giving Up on Prospects Too Soon? A Simple Strategy to Re-Engage Prospects Who Ghost You

In this 45-minute workshop, I'll cover:

  • The #1 action you can take to prevent ghosting
  • Why your "check-in” makes them check out
  • Why you must never make the prospect feel like a failure
  • A systematic approach to follow-up and keep your sales opportunity open

You'll learn the fundamentals of a great follow-up as well as important tips about the frequency and pacing of your follow-ups and the value of using different modes of communication for different prospects.

Not available at this time? Register anyway and the replay link will be made available for a limited time.

About Nancy Bleeke, MBA: Nancy is the President of the Sales Pro Insider sales growth consulting firm. Nancy and her team have worked with relationship-driven professionals for longer than they care to admit and have served financial professionals since 1998 generating millions of additional revenue and AUM.

She specifically relates to people who never thought they'd be in sales because neither did she! Her award-winning book, Conversations That Sell, was again named to the Top 50 Sales & Marketing list by Top Sales World. It's a "how to" of ethical selling for collaborative, client-focused professionals. Nancy is a frequent contributor to many publications including Top Sales World, Fortune, Sales Gravy, and industry blogs.

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