A quick tip today – which is simple, but not easy – to show your prospects and customers how brilliant you are.

Most people think that we talk our way into situations, sales and deals. But is that true? More often I see sales won by great listening.

Many long-term successful sales professionals have already discovered that as they listen and tap into the power of the knowledge of others, their successes increase exponentially with the amount of time they DON’T talk!

Several years ago I learned how powerful this could be. I had a lead and in our first discussion I was prepared with questions – and more importantly prepared to really listen (I had even written – LISTEN – at the top of my call sheet as a reminder!)  Well, I was successful, in fact, I figured I didn’t even talk more than 5-10% of the time during the hour conversation.  Yet, when I hung up I was unsure if I had gotten my point across even though he scheduled a next meeting.

The next day I heard from Tom, who referred me. Tom asked me how the meeting went and before i could answer he said, ‘Because whatever you did, he thinks you’re BRILLIANT!”    brilliance

Well, brilliant?  That is a good first impression isn’t it?  And all because I kept my mouth shut.

The tip?  Strive for a 80/20 ratio of listening/talking and you’ll listen your way into new levels of brilliance (and results) with your prospects and customers!