The Sign of a True Sales Pro – Admitting We’re Never Too Good for Coaching, my article on why we shouldn’t “go it alone” in sales (or life), is nominated as a Top 10 Sales Article for last week.

How timely!  Last week I spent a day with high level leaders helping them increase their coaching skills.  They coached each other during the workshop and saw first-hand the benefits of having another person focus on them, listen to them without judgment and help them identify actions to take on a specific opportunity or challenge.  In the next 8 weeks they will build their habits as they apply the concepts to help professionals in their organization clarify goals, remove road blocks and achieve higher sales success.  It’s a  journey that always has me in awe of the power we have to help others…if we slow down and listen.

Do you know about the Top 10 Sales Articles site?  Its a great compilation from The Top Sales Expert (TSE) site. Each week they select the top 10 articles of the week from the major sales sites – Saleospodia, Sales Gravy, Eyes on Sales, etc.  And I highly encourage you to bookmark the link because reading the nominated articles each Monday will get you revved up for the week ahead.

Each week an article is selected as THE Top article of the week.  They changed the format so that YOU vote…instead of the experts.  I would be honored if you would cast a vote for the article.  What does this mean to you?  You will access to even more great information to build your skills, motivation and sales results as you visit the site (and continue to visit this blog.)

Of course, all major success  starts with being clear on your gaols – which is another article, How to Have the Year You Want by the way.

My goal for this week?  To continue to deliver great tips and assistance to help you succeed – a kind of “remote coaching” –  AND to be the top article of last week!  Your vote matters.

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