Confession: I can easily get so focused on “getting stuff done” that I forget to stop and rejuvenate. My desire for results can push me, and my team, to work long hours and weekends in this quest. Yet, we are not Energizer bunnies who can keep going and going and going with unlimited power; sometimes we need to shut down to have more “power” going forward.  Energizer Bunny

The constant operation-at-full-speed can create ineffectiveness and inefficiency in our work, performance, and sales. It also hurts relationships and our health! That’s why, after a forced two-day break over the past weekend, I am reminded how important it is to periodically “shut down.” 

As leaders, we need to help our team do the same. We need to help them identify how to stay powerful day in and day out. And that may mean that we need to help them identify what they need to stay powered up.

There are many ways people rejuvenate:

• Exercise
• Down time from all electronics including their smartphone
• High adventure
• A good book
• Time with family
• Fishing or other outdoor adventures 

The list of possibilities for shutting down from work is very long and varied. You can’t guess what each person needs. What’s important is that you help each person identify what they need to rejuvenate, re-energize, and recommit to what is most important to them…which helps them focus on what is most important to you: business goals. 

What does more power from your team mean to you?

Focus on Priorities – A pause from daily tasks helps us refocus on business priorities. What is screaming at us each morning isn’t always what is most important for that day.
More Energy – A rested body and mind has more stamina.
Clarity – Problem solving ability increases when our minds are fresh.

To help our team find more power means we need to be powered up as well.

This week, pause and ask your people what they need to restart each day or week with full energy to avoid a shut down. Imagine the productivity when each person reboots at full power.

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