What you believe, you can achieve.

What a powerful quote by Mary Kay Ash.

And yet we need to check our beliefs – our mindset – and how that mindset comes out of our mouth. I call that the mind and mouth connection.

Inspiration or Barrier?

While this is an inspirational quote, our beliefs can also be the barrier if we’re not careful about what we say.

Self-talk is powerful and any words that actually come out of our mouths reinforces the mindset we have.

What we say amplifies and makes “normal” our mindset, which creates a connection for the mind and mouth. And this mind-to-mouth connection leads to a cycle of help or hurt.

Verbalized Obstacles

For example, when the pandemic hit, some people took on the mindset and were very verbal that this would damage their business and efforts to grow.

Not only did they think that, they said things like:

  • “I can’t do ____ because of COVID…”
  • “I can’t meet people face-to-face, I can’t network…”
  • “I’ll need to wait until things go back to normal before ____ “

And their results lived up to those statements.

Verbalized Opportunities

Others took on the attitude and mindset that networking and lead generation were different, but not impossible and had their biggest years ever. I’ve talked with several firm owners recently who told me that they are struggling to keep up with the new client onboarding.

Meaning they are helping more people than ever. And their business is profitable and sustainable.

Using the Mind and Mouth Connection to Your Advantage

What can we do? Continue to feed our brain and use our words for positive possibilities. Here are some examples:

  • “I will find a way to continue to network and help more people.”
  • “I am confident in my business development efforts.”
  • “I am successful in helping people see the value from working together.”
  • “My revenue is constantly increasing.”

The mindset connected to our mouth verbalizing those positive beliefs and outcomes will pay off.

Believe It; Achieve It

So, while Mary Kay Ash says, What you believe, you can achieve.

Let’s make that more powerful and say it out loud…… What I believe, I will achieve.

And say it again… What I believe, I will achieve.