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Has this happened to you?

You are thrilled to have a live lead…a person or couple who have raised their hand to learn more about your services.

After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and money on your website, social media, and the many cups of coffee bought as you talked to potential referral sources. It’s time those efforts finally pay off!

Now that you have these people (leads or prospects) in a conversation, it’s an opportunity for you both to identify whether your services can really help them with their financial well-being and whether you should work together or not.

It’s an information exchange that needs to happen for them to make a confident decision to secure your services. 

During this information exchange, or conversation:

• You seek information to determine what they need to do.

• They seek information to determine if they can trust you and whether you can help them.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Well, it can be if there is an easy ebb and flow of a conversation with two interested parties.

Yet, this easy conversation often hits the rapids when one of these two things happen…

  1. They have a question on fees, timing, or your qualifications.


2. They say they like what they’ve heard and ask you to email them a proposal, so they can review it and get back with you.

What you do next matters…a lot!

What happens next either moves your sales opportunity forward or starts a chase, stall, and confusion.

You see, those two actions on their end (questions or request for a proposal to review later) may actually contain an objection or concern. 

This concern or objection doesn’t necessarily mean, “No” or “Not interested.” What it means is more information is needed by them… or you. 

And this is where it gets interesting.

Why? Because you, the professional advisor, often just answers or avoids. 

And both of those reactions are potentially HUGE mistakes. 

This budding sales opportunity – meaning a new client who could use your services – may stop right here. Or worse yet, start the scenario where you send the requested information or proposal and then chase them for a response.

There is a better way

That’s why I want to help you STOP those well-intentioned, yet ineffective, practices.

How? Let’s start with a FREE e-book where I share how to: Collaboratively Work Through Objections.

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In Timely Tips to Collaborate Through Objections, I outline a very simple approach that is ethical, humane, and doesn’t get into old-school manipulative “tactics” for working through the prospect’s questions, concerns, and objections. I share how you can use an early-life lesson to get your mind and mouth synced to hear and work through objections and:

  • Set up a winning outcome so you can use your expertise to their benefit
  • Stop discounting too soon
  • Remove the “hope and chase” ending to prospect interactions
  • Keep open ears and an open mind so can adjust the next steps as needed and win their loyalty

When you use the information I outline and prepare for the most common objections heard, you will have a handy resource document which sets you up for success to not only work through objections, but to turn those pesky objections, strong concerns, or challenging questions into opportunities that save the sale.

Let’s face it, if you aren’t able to work through objections and guide your prospects through the information exchange they need to confidently make a decision to work with you, you can’t ever really help them with their finances, can you?

I promise there are no manipulative tactics included. Just practical and actionable information to help you win more clients. 

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Nancy Bleeke

‎President and Chief Sales Officer,
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