I’m fired up right now after another conversation with a sales executive who makes EVERYTHING about him.

• His process
• His goals
• His time-frameGet Over Yourself

As he makes it all about HIM, he doesn’t realize it is KILLING him…and his team.

  • Meeting their numbers
  • Engaged in the company
  • Trusting the leaders
  • Confident

Instead, the team has aligned themselves with their customers instead of their employer leading to slow sales, price discounting, promises that can’t be delivered, and low customer loyalty to the company.

Yes we need our people to build relationships and trust with our customers…but NOT at the expense of the company.

As leaders, we need the company to win and to achieve our personal goals…but NOT at the expense of our customers and team.

When the leader is self-focused, the team is going to be focused on themselves as well.

As a leader we need to help multiple stakeholders succeed. We need to seek more than a win-win and strive for a win for the company, our team, the customers, and ourselves: a win-win-win-win (the Win4 or win-quad)!

How do you achieve this multiple win? With these simple actions that equip and engage each person on your team to succeed:

  • Focus your efforts on helping them get to where they want and need to go. Your goals are not nearly as important as theirs. The company’s focus is not as important to them as much as how it gets them to what they want and need.
  • Thorough conversations, not edicts, lectures, and emails. It does take time, energy, and consistency to converse, not tell, sell, or coerce them to action or commitment.
  • Determine the individual motivators that energize each person to high activity levels. Many of your people are motivated by feeling valued and valuable which is accomplished through your time and attention; others through concrete rewards of money and materials. Once you know what motivates them, give them what they need.

To sum it up succinctly: To equip and engage your team to succeed…get over yourself!

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