Your reflection and look back is what can make a positive difference for setting realistic goals and plans going forward. Your year-end review is like a rear-view mirror. If you look at it too much you’ll crash, but if you don’t look at it at all you won’t know what you need to plan for.

That’s why this month’s powerful, and FREE, virtual workshop is focused on your year-end review for 2020 as well as your goals 2021.

The Year-End Review

You Need Now

to Succeed in 2021


In this 50-minute free training workshop, I’ll share:

  • 4 critical questions you must ask and answer for yourself at year end
  • The one action most goal plans skip and why you might lose motivation without it
  • Why you must tap into the power of stakeholders if you really want to achieve your goals
  • The 4-R Goal Review that ensures your goals are reached and how 15 minutes a month keeps you focused, on task, and succeeding

If you’ve attended any of my events, you know I focus on practical and actionable strategies. I know you’re going to find value in this fast-paced, informative workshop.


Not available at this time? Register anyway and the replay link will be made available for a limited time.