Do you know a jobless professional?  2009 has brought about job reductions in companies around the world.  These career changes may not be their choice, but they are a HUGE opportunity!  It depends on how you look at it.

My dear friend, Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies, saw it hit close to home.  Family and friends were without jobs.  Jill decided to do something to help!  She developed resources including a book and webinars called Get Back to Work Faster.  And its all FREE!!!!

She uses her expertise in getting your foot in the door for sales and transfers it to using the principles to land your next job!

 The Get Back to Work Faster Initiative is focused on helping out-of-work professionals leverage job creation strategies to:

o Identify & pursue income-producing opportunities.
o Bring in money during their job search.
o Land new positions that play to their strengths.
o Become the “must hire” candidate, without competitors.


Want hope?  A recent survey by Manpower found that sales positions are one of the top jobs that are still in demand!  And there is a shortage of qualified candidates!

The principles in Get Back to Work Faster are for all professionals, not just sales.  Though looking for and landing a job is the ultimate sales job, isn’t it?

Share this tip with anyone you know who can use a message of hope that they ARE in control of their future.  Help them GET BACK TO WORK FASTER!