The two-minute drill is an important strategy in American football. For those of you not familiar with the game (not everyone is from Wisconsin and has the Green Bay Packers, I realize) the two-minute drill is a series of plays deployed when there is limited time to score a goal.

The plays are quick, often without a huddle first, and designed to move the ball great distance while keeping the opponent off their guard.

And it works well.

The two-minute drill works because it is well rehearsed – or practiced. Everyone involved knows the ‘drill,’ they are focused on the outcome, and know exactly what to do.

We can employ this same type of drill in our sales as well. If we know the outcome we seek, design a play-by-play to achieve it, and then execute!

So what are the some of the play-by-plays you should have in your sales drill?

  • Preparation – Just five minutes of focused preparation increases your probability of a successful outcome.
  • Practice – Yes practice. Practice your opening questions, practice how you will respond when you hear an objection, and practice how you will ask for a final decision.
  • Persistence – Professionally persistent is a characteristic one of my clients looks for when hiring. He wants the candidate to show they are persistent in their follow-up, in their attention to details, and in their desire to get the job.  He says that if they are persistent in closing that deal, they are more likely to be persistent in their sales role. I couldn’t agree more!

Preparation, Practice, and Persistence are the play by plays that you can employ to make the most out of your sales conversations and opportunities.

Execute them consistently and you’ll have repeatable and successful sales even when you aren’t under time pressure.

What other ‘play’s have you found to be helpful in your sales drill?