It’s no secret that selling to ‘real’ people can be challenging. (Yes, even with the fast growth of e-commerce, many of us still sell to a human being.) The same input does not guarantee the same output (closed sale, upsells, etc.) How frustrating that can be!

Yet, how do we increase our probability of making each sales call and prospect contact valuable? Well, tomorrow (Wednesday August 17th) Alice Kemper and I will share the Secret to Selling Success and how YOU can:

  • Connect more easily with people
  • Sell with them in ways that make them comfortable
  • Build value for your solution
  • Advance the sale
  • Close the sale
  • Get the referrals and upsells that help you achieve long-term sales success

The webinar is 60 minutes and we have secret gifts for you at the end to help YOU succeed in selling.

Please join us for the FREE webinar, The Secret to Selling Success sponsored by Verizon Wireless and It’s part of the Women in Sales webinar series.