cause effectDo you remember learning about the Cause and Effect relationship during your science classes? I do and have to admit that I didn’t really think that cause and effect would be relevant for everything I would do in my life. It is, however, undeniable that our sales and leadership Effectiveness is very much tied into our Causes whether we like it or not.

Your input to your career, activities, and life determines the output that you will achieve.

Here’s what happens in sales:

     Cause                     Effect

Productive sales conversations
Effort in high yield activities
Results and success
Procrastination and excuses
Low results and loss of job
Contacts with potential buyers
Consistent sales
Good eating &exercise habits
Good health and weight control
Professional development
Greater efficiency and productivity

Though you might not have control over every aspect of the effect, how much more likely are you to realize the Effect when you take action on your Cause?

Consider your cause and the effect you want to have on your: sales, performance, customers, colleagues, and family. With that goal or objective in mind, determine the input needed to realize your desired output.

You are scientifically more effective when you back your cause with action and effort each day! (Guess those high school science teachers knew what they were talking about.)

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