Ever consider how much you do or don’t celebrate the things that go right? It seems as if many people are wired to focus on what went wrong and what we have to do different – and maybe that does drive you to do more. But for today, I am going to pause and do a little happy dance for the many things that went right. And say ‘Wow, THIS was a great day!’?

I’m going to soak in the feeling that my hard work made a difference. In fact I’m going to celebrate the last TWO days of little and big things that did go right!

I celebrate yesterday…

  • Two great business calls
  • A decision made that will advance my business
  • Connection with someone from the past who challenges the status quo – and thus challenges me to think more strategically
  • A ‘yes’ to an outstanding proposal
  • My family healthy and in good moods and
  • Ending with a fabulous belated birthday dinner with friends

I didn’t want the day to end…I wanted to keep going. But it did end. And today there are more things to celebrate!

  • I received the final artwork for my sales book, Conversations That Sell (that’s the picture in this post)
  • The final galleys for the book arrived
  • I had a much-needed discussion with a client on expectations
  • And a request for proposal
  • And…this blog was listed as one of the top 50 Sales and Marketing blogs!

I’ve often noticed that a renewed sense of business purpose appears after Labor Day…and this week is proving it.

I’m also reminded that regular wins and little celebrations are motivating. They drive more activity which will lead to more success.

Let’s face it, I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow!

What do you do to celebrate your wins, successes and goal achievement?