Top Sales Experts – a group of which I am a proud member – is starting Sales Roundtables.  The TSE Roundtable Program will deliver the best sales practices of some of the most successful and globally recognized sales gurus in the world.

The Roundtable Kick-Off Event promises to deliver so much value in helping you understand the Future of Professional Selling.  Details below:


Join the debate, as five of the world’s leading sales gurus, discuss what professional selling will involve in five, ten, and even twenty year’s time

  •      Does professional selling as we know it have a future?
  •      What impact will Sales 2.0 have on the way we sell?
  •      How will organizations train and develop their sales teams?
  •      Today, what is the relative value derived from sales training courses versus coaching?
  •      Will “one-size fits all” classroom training, be consigned to the annals of history?
  •      Which industries are more likely to witness the death of selling as we know it today?
  •      What can front-line salespeople do to protect themselves from possible extinction?
  •      After this current financial meltdown, will lost jobs be re-created?
  •      Will the rapid growth of online sales training and coaching continue?
  •      Ongoing research shows that sales performance has been declining year after year.  Why?
  •      Quite simply, will selling ever be the same again?

The Experts in this Roundtable include:

Speaker Top Sales Expert Jonathan Farrington image Jonathan Farrington

Chairman of The Sales Corporation and CEO of Top Sales Associates based in London and Paris. He is also the author of the upcoming “So You Really Want To Be A Top 5% Player In The Game Of Sales?

Speaker Top Sales Expert Jill Konrath image Jill Konrath

A leading-edge sales strategist … author of the instant sales classic, Selling to Big Companies … an in-demand sales speaker who provides a much needed wake-up call to sales organizations.

Speaker Top Sales Expert Linda Richardson image Linda Richardson

Linda is the Founder and Chairman of Richardson, a global sales training business. As a recognized leader in the industry, she has won the coveted Stevie Award for Lifetime Achievement in Sales Excellence for 2006

Speaker Dave Stein image Dave Stein

Dave Stein is the founder and CEO of ES Research, an organization that provides on-line, membership-based analyses of, and recommendations about, the sales training and sales performance and consulting marketplace and the companies that serve it.

Chairman Top Sales Expert Nigel Edelshain image Nigel Edelshain

Nigel is CEO of Sales 2.0 Companies use Sales 2.0’s telesales and consulting services to take their sales to the next level, typically boosting results 3 – 10 times.

Host Paul Simon TSE Communication Director image Paul Simon

Paul is communications director for Top Sales Experts. Through TSE, and as contributing sales editor for AllBusiness  and content manager for CanDoGo, he works closely with sales experts throughout the United States and in other countries.

You really can’t go wrong.  I’ll be in Aruba “unplugged” so join the Roundtable and send a note on your top learning tidbits!