This past weekend I worked ‘concessions’ for several hours at a school event. We had many items to sell -sandwiches, chips, candy, drinks and ice cream. I enjoyed the sales process outside of my normal business setting and decided to have some fun with up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

I observed my prospects as they approached the ‘window’ for:

  • Body language  – were they open and seemingly hungry or thirsty?
  • Did they have cash in their hands?
  • Who was with them.

Then when they placed they order, I really listed and continued to observe. Based on what they ordered, I offered ‘more’ – a drink, something crunchy, or the ‘meal’ versus just the sandwich and drink.  But I didn’t just stop with the offer,  I explained the ‘why’ and value associated with it.

  • Would you like something to drink with those nachos because the salt will make you thirsty and you won’t have to come back through the line again.
  • Ever try Fritos with a sloppy joe? It’s a great combination and more filling.
  • Did you know you save 25 cents when you order the meal instead of just a drink and sandwich making the chips only 25 cents?

sell moreThe results? (Yes I did keep track the first hour  before it got so busy then my brain was mushy to keep the percentages.)  The result was at least a 50% close rate.  Yes 50% – and for some that said no, they came back later to order the recommended item and said I was ‘right’ the first time.

Yesterday, Kayla, my awesome intern, worked the concessions during a track meet – we talked about my experience and up-selling – she reports a 50-60% success rate!

The tips?

  1. Identify the natural add-ons for what you offer.
  2. Give extra value by paying attention to your customer’s situation and offering recommendations that will give them more with what they are purchasing.
  3. Tie the recommendaiton specifically into the value they receive.
  4. Show confidence in your recommendation.

It really is THAT easy…and fun!  I can’t wait to work concessions again and perfect the process even further.  And to let others in on the ‘secret’ that will net the group even greater profits.  You can do the same for your company!