Work and life events recently have reminded me of a scientific concept – Cause and Effect.  Our sales and leadership “Effect”iveness is very much tied into our ’causes’ whether we like it or not.

What you put into your career, your activities and your life DO determine what you will get out of it.  Examples:

Cause                                      Effect
Preparation Productive sales calls/meetings
Time and Effort on the ‘right’ activities Results and success
Procrastination and Excuses Low results and maybe loss of job
Contacts with potential buyers Sales!
Good eating and exercise habits Health, stamina and weight control
Personal and Professional Development Greater efficiencies and productivity

The list goes on and on – we might not have control over every aspect of the effect – but how much more likely are you to realize the Effect when you take action on your ‘Cause’?

For this week, consider what your ’cause’ is…what effect do you want to have on:  sales, performance, your customers, your colleagues, your family?  Then with that goal/objective in mind – determine the input needed to realize the output at the end of the week.  You will be effective if  you back your cause with action and effort each day!

Join in – with the time of year, month (it is month end for many of us), etc. What are some of the Input you need to make to reach the Output you want?

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