You’re in sales…how often have you been reminded of the power of questions? I’m sure you have heard that good questions:

  • Open the conversation
  • Get people thinking
  • Open gaps for positioning your solution
  • Are a powerful indicator of your expertise
  • Send the message on how you are focused on -you or them

We all know questions in sales is good.

But THIS post is not about the questions you ask for clients, customers or prospects.

This post is about the BIG questions to ask yourself.

Questions that, when explored and answered, may unlock higher levels of sales success.


  1. What do I want to accomplish this year?
  2. How committed am I to what I am doing?
  3. What is my level of engagement with my current employer and current products/services?
  4. What am I really good at doing?
  5. Digging deeper, what am I passionate about doing?
  6. What would I spend more time doing if given the opportunity?
  7. If I strengthened orQuestion mark developed ________, how would I benefit?
  8. When my commitment to my success is strongest, what am I doing? Who am I working with?
  9. Who is supporting my success? How do I ‘tap into’ that support?
  10. What can I do today that will allow me to be less stressed and sleep better tonight?

These questions allow you to pause…and process…YOU!

And that can help you decide how to best spend your time and energy.

What other self-reflective questions would you add to this list?