Finding success these days means we might have to try something new to stay in the game.  And it seems these days the “new” technology is coming faster than I am ready.

In 2009 I have – and am still – working through many changes as I adapt my business to the ever-changing market, needs of my clients and technology.  I have migrated my accounting system, this blog, my newsletter, Facebook use, I’m Tweeting, and I have a touch screen cell that I’m still not sure about, and on and on and on.  gadgets

At different times in the last month I have begun to feel that technology is going to get the best of me sooner or later.  That’s why sometimes when someone tells me I NEED to do another something new with technology I am not jumping up and down.  I don’t feel I’ve grasped all the technology I started this year and I’m not sure my brain can absorb anymore at this point!

Today though, I finally opened up to the idea of video use in marketing and sales – but only after the fourth “expert” let me know that I should include video in the launch plan of our super secret new product line that we will announce soon.  I’m not sure why, but today I listened…and then I pulled out the Flip Video camera that so far, I have only used for fun family times (we bought a waterproof cover and have had great fun in the pool).

Guess what?  It was FUN!  And probably one of the easiest new pieces of technology I have attempted to incorporate this year.  I passed along my freshman effort to a couple of colleagues and they said that the message on the video helped them connect to the new product in a way that the text of the new website has not.

Now I do have more work to do on lighting and making sure I am succinct, but I see why video can be so valuable.  It speaks to different Types of people.  Of course, I’ll post some of the “ready” videos here very soon and you be the judge of the quality and message.  And if I am forced to admit it, I will say that all the new tech tools I have adopted are bringing some efficiencies that I needed.

In the meantime, what is one technology tool that you did not easily adopt and then found later you couldn’t live without?