pen paperKISS is the acrononym many use to remind themself to – “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

It’s an important message for me as I am so guilty of inadvertently creating complexity!  I can take something with two steps and turn it into 5.

And that once I pause, allow myself to think and simplify, I am more productive and less stressed!

Some of the complaints I often hear from sellers is that ‘others’ are making sales more difficult – that marketing, their manager, the prospects and processes slow them down and keep them from selling.

Now…there may be some truth to this…and as soon as we start making these excuses and blaming others…we give up all control over our own success!

So what can we do to make our sales as simple as possible so we can be productive?  Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Where are my bottlenecks?
  • List the steps it takes to complete the tasks or processes that have the bottlenecks.
  • Are all the steps necessary?  Are there duplicates? Too many people involved that can lead to miss-fires and miscommunication?
  • Who do you need to discuss your observations with to eliminate the inefficiencies and complications?
  • Adjust!

John Miller of QBQ! shares a story of a very successful sales professional who did not use all the ‘tools’ and technology during his sales calls. Instead he knew that what worked for him was much simpler – a pad of paper and a pen to take notes when he was in his sales calls.  By keeping it simple, he was able to focus on what was most important – his customer!

So, as you think about your calls and responsibilities, how can you make them more simple?  Then you can make the KISS acronym – Keeping It Simple Successfully!