How exciting to find out that this morning my article on Recession Proof Your Sales is the feature article on  Salesopedia!

Click on the link above to read the whole article.  And here are a couple of recession proof tips shared in the article with links to even more tips on each one:

  1. Identify alternative prospect streams.  Review which industries are doing well in this economy.  Is there a way for you to connect your solution to that industry?  A full article on this tip is here.
  2. Reintroduce yourself to “lost” customers.  Use information about the economy as a springboard to a discussion with customers who you haven’t done business with.  A full article on this tip is here.

Last week I interviewed Clayton Shold, the editor of Salesopedia.  What a fascinating man and consummate sales AND marketing professional!  If you haven’t bookmarked the Salesopedia site, you are missing out!  The content on this site is constantly updated.  And it is GREAT content from other sales experts like Jill Konrath, Kim Duke, Colleen Francis, Colleen Stanley, Kendra Lee, Leslie Buterin and so many more. Plus other great resources for you to grow your sales!

Later this week a podcast of a conversation between Clayton and I discussing some of the top tips for recession proofing your sales will be available.   I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, take the opportunity this week to implement some of the tips – we still have 11 months of potential great success for 2009!

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