Have you read a good book yet this summer? Novels and spy thrillers are great, but what about a book that can help you sell more, market better, or increase your income?

I’ve compiled a list of AWESOME sales books for you – here are a few highlights and click here for the full list.

Here’s a sneak peek:

42 Rules to Increase Sales Effectiveness by Michael Griego

If you are a professional salesperson, sales manager or director, VP of
sales, CEO, any role in marketing, or anyone supporting selling efforts,
this book is for you. It will teach you updated tools, language and
tactics of selling in today’s market. Michael Griego, a professional sales
consultant and trainer to Fortune 500 firms and leading Silicon Valley
technology firms, has reduced the keys to sales effectiveness to 42
rules. These rules have been road tested over 30 years of personal
sales and management experience and close observation of many
salespeople and sales organizations. These rules apply to all selling
efforts, from high-tech enterprise sales to non-technology sales.

The Accidental Sales Manager by Suzanne M. Paling

Business owners, company presidents and entrepreneurs successfully
manage the rest of the company, but when it comes to sales, they feel
as if their efforts come up short. In The Accidental Sales Manager,
author and sales management consultant Suzanne Paling, urges
business leaders to stop struggling and teaches them what they need to
know to start succeeding with the sales department.
ACT Like a Sales Pro! How to Command the Business Stage and
Dramatically Increase Sales with Proven Acting Techniques

It often seems like everyone in sales is reading from the same script.
How do you stand out with today’s busy buyers in a competitive
market? Actors and other performers are experts at differentiating
themselves, gaining attention and demanding top dollar. ACT Like a
Sale Pro reveals the secrets behind the performer’s ability to engage,
inspire and move an audience—and most importantly—how to apply
them in sales in order to get the appointment, deliver a star power
presentation and win more business!


Baseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You
Already Know About the Game of Baseball by Dave Kurlan
Selling is changing as fast as technology. If you need to differentiate
yourself from your competitors, you’ll need to improve your ability to
follow a sound process and sell in a manner that avoids decisions based
on price. If you want to take a fast-reading, yet powerful and easy-to apply book with you for summer vacation, check out Baseline
Selling. The examples, scripts and stories are worth the read but the
sales process and tips to identify and overcome your selling weaknesses  is a terrific bonus.


Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits, The Keys to Unlocking Sales
Success by Leanne Hoagland-Smith
Sales success for small business owners is three fold: (1) How do you
stand out in a very crowded market place? (2) How well do you actually
earn (close) the sale? (3) How well do you keep your customers coming
back? This book looks to unlock the answers hose 3 questions with
practical nuggets to humor all in a quick read.
Business Networking and Sex, not what you think by Ivan Miser, Hazel Walker and Frank J. De Raffelle Jr.

Would you like to get more business? Are you frustrated with the
opposite Statistics, humor and education all in one book.