The updated rec room is nearly done! We have been painting a LOT lately in our house – all to match the fabulous new sofa we found. As I was putting on yet another coat of red (it takes a lot of coats for the red to look good, I discovered) – I considered the layers of paint and the brush strokes, and thought of Matt Donnelly.

Several weeks ago I mentioned Matt, the 84 year old who was still learning and developing his skills in sales. Matt had impressed me with his willingness to travel 1/2 way across the country to spend a day and a half with sales experts. He painted a picture of professionalism for me!

What I didn’t know is that the painting was not yet finished. Jill Konrath, Chief Sales Officer of Selling to Big Companies, sent Matt the blog link! Matt followed up with a wonderful email thanking me for mentioning him and letting me know that he indeed has more to learn. Wow! Another stroke of professionalism added to the canvas he was painting.

And yet, he still wasn’t finished. Matt sent a hand written card as another follow-up and he had his OWN signature postage stamp on it! (See the photo) I realized, the picture Matt is painting is never going to be finished, he is LIVING ART! He continues to refine, add layers and dimension to the impression he leaves.

What an example for each us! If you were an artist and each contact another brush of paint on the canvas to your customers, would they consider you living art or a discard?

What can you do today to paint a masterpiece with your customers?