There is still time for you to hear from Top Sales Experts who will share with their vision for the future of  selling in the Kick-Off Event of Sales Experts Roundtables.

The details for this roundtable called the Future of Professional Selling are below…


Join sales experts  Jonathan Farringon, Jill Konrath, Linda Richardson, Dave Stein, Nigel Edelshain for this can’t-be-missed event.  They will explore what professional selling will involve in five, ten, and even twenty year’s time

  •      Does professional selling as we know it have a future?
  •      What impact will Sales 2.0 have on the way we sell?
  •      How will organizations train and develop their sales teams?
  •      Today, what is the relative value derived from sales training courses versus coaching?
  •      Will “one-size fits all” classroom training, be consigned to the annals of history?
  •      Which industries are more likely to witness the death of selling as we know it today?
  •      What can front-line salespeople do to protect themselves from possible extinction?
  •      After this current financial meltdown, will lost jobs be re-created?
  •      Will the rapid growth of online sales training and coaching continue?
  •      Ongoing research shows that sales performance has been declining year after year.  Why?
  •      Quite simply, will selling ever be the same again?

For specifics and to register, click here.   And look around the TSE site – there is a LOT of great information for sales success by worldwide sales experts – including me!  …Nancy Bleeke