Top Sales Experts are ready to share with their vision for the future of  selling – an important topic for all us in this wonderful, crazy, rewarding and frustrating career of sales.

The Kick-Off Event promises to deliver so much value in helping you understand the Future of Professional Selling.  Details below:


Join the debate, as five of the world’s leading sales gurus, discuss what professional selling will involve in five, ten, and even twenty year’s time

  •      Does professional selling as we know it have a future?
  •      What impact will Sales 2.0 have on the way we sell?
  •      How will organizations train and develop their sales teams?
  •      Today, what is the relative value derived from sales training courses versus coaching?
  •      Will “one-size fits all” classroom training, be consigned to the annals of history?
  •      Which industries are more likely to witness the death of selling as we know it today?
  •      What can front-line salespeople do to protect themselves from possible extinction?
  •      After this current financial meltdown, will lost jobs be re-created?
  •      Will the rapid growth of online sales training and coaching continue?
  •      Ongoing research shows that sales performance has been declining year after year.  Why?
  •      Quite simply, will selling ever be the same again?

The Experts in this Roundtable include:  Jonathan Farringon, Jill Konrath, Linda Richardson, Dave Stein, Nigel Edelshain.

It sounds like a productive use of time for everyone in sales!  You can read more about me too at Top Sales Expert’s site…Nancy Bleeke