What a way to start our week in sales as this morning’s headlines continue to paint a grim financial picture for the global economy! We don’t have to let the economy dictate OUR success though. Following are tips that will help you make the most out of the next 90 days. The actions you take now are the ones that will set you up for a better 2009.

The foundation of success in ANY economy is having clear goals. A former post gives a simple process for the #1 tip of goal setting. And once you know where you want to go, following are 10 additional tips that you can put into action:

1. Overhaul your value proposition. Think beyond the WHAT of your specific product and service to the value you offer to THIS person, company, situation?
2. Prepare strategically. Research industry trends, use Google alerts to know what is going on with THIS person, company, situation.
3. Maximize every sales contact. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Not only with research on what is going on with them, prepare for the WIIFT. Using a focus on What’s in it for THEM and following a process within the discussion to connect with the person, ask awesome questions, facilitate their understanding of what you do and what it means to them, work through objections and ASK for a decision.
4. Identify alternative prospect streams. Think creatively on who might use your product that currently isn’t. There are some industries that are positively impacted by a slow economy.
5. Give something of value today. Information is free. Find an article, a reprint, a cartoon that you can share and stay in front of them. Give a cup of coffee, a lottery ticket. Find something positive to contact them about.
6. Use the power of one. One more action each day can make a difference later. One more phone call, one more email, one more note sent, one more plan, one more question…you get the idea.
7. Reevaluate your prospect list. Categorize and find out where you are spending your time. Identify actions you can take to move the most likely prospects to the next step in your sales process.
8. Reintroduce yourself to customers you’ve “lost” over the years. Maybe they are ready to return if they were asked. Research what is going on with their company and then reconnect.
9. Ask for referrals. Tap into reciprocity generosity. As you provide something of value its the best time to ask “Who do you know that might benefit from what I do?” It’s amazing what contacts you might make.
10. Tap into social marketing. There may be a whole group of prospects that you can now connect with. There are many webinars and articles about how to use the many tools.

Each of these tips will have its own post in the upcoming weeks. But don’t wait! Good intentions will stall you, find something you can do today.

“You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you’ll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless.” Caroline Myss