Have you ever heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”

It’s the same with value in the eye of the buyer.

Buyers pay attention to the “beauty” or value that is most important to them; and can get confused, sidetracked, or start to debate the cost for items they don’t see of value.

More Isn’t Always Better 

That’s why, when I heard a speaker at a conference tell the audience they should have a long list of specific components and features for ALL the potential services they offer and not only show the list to the prospect – but to use the list after the sale to remind the client of all that is available to them, I cringed.

The value for your “buyers” is personal. A long list of services, options, or features they don’t relate to does NOT tip the opportunity to the win column. Nope – what it does is create a value vs cost problem or objection

How to Tip Opportunities in Your Favor

Your win column will grow when you connect the value of what you offer to THEM – their problem, opportunity, want, need – their situation/motivators.

This means you might only need to “present” half of the specifics they “get” with your solution. What is most important is connecting the specific features or service that matter most to them.

And that is a true test of your expertise.

Filtering Out What Doesn’t Matter

While it’s important to know all you offer and what it does, being able to connect specific value to your prospect in real time takes some expertise.

For example, if you sell comprehensive financial planning and are working with a 40-year-old with no plans for children…your service of college planning has no value. They might even think your fee should be reduced by a percentage since they will never use THAT component of your service.

And who needs that discussion?

Instead, when you focus the buyer on the “beauty” that matters to them, you’ll watch your value skyrocket in their eyes.

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