A short work week – Yeah!  Yet as we close out 2008, we don’t want to miss any opportunities to set ourselves up for success next year.  Top producers make EVERY day matter.

Three actions to take to make this week productive.

1.  Make a specific list of actions you NEED to take.  Then evaluate.  Are these actions just ‘fillers’ or ‘clean up’?  Make sure you have proactive customer-building actions on the list.

2.  Then make as many contacts as you can.  Plan for the contact to be short and to the point – to schedule time after the holidays.  Don’t wait to schedule the appointment early January, most people are in GREAT moods this time of year.  Its a perfect time to ask for appointments for the first week of January.  Before 9 a.m. this morning I already set up two appointments for January 6th!

3.  Before you leave your office for holiday, reflect on the three things you are most proud of from this year.  Then make notes on the actions you can take as soon as you return post-holiday to duplicate them next year.

And there you have it – a  short list of productive actions for a short week.