Ever considered  the power of the pause? A well executed pause can create understanding, anticipation and credibility. pause

A few well-timed pause-ing possibilities:

  • After asking a question. Pause wait and listen. It allows the other person to think and respond. It demonstrates your care for them and the information you asked for.
  • When hearing a question, concern or objection. Many of us feel we need to immediately respond (even cutting off the speaker to do so 🙂 ) Pause, listen and then respond by asking for clarification or more information.

How long do you need to pause? Well that depends!  My recommendation:

  • Observe  your ‘pause’ time now. Over the next few days pay attention to how often and how long you pause.
  • Then DOUBLE your pause time. if you pause 2 seconds, make it 4, etc.

It’s estimated that a powerful pause may be 8-30 seconds!  What’s important is for you to pause more often and then to reap the benefits of more information sharing, relationship strengthening and people waiting to hear YOUR response.

Just think of the possibilities of powerful pausing!