Tuesday’s headlines in Milwaukee were dismal – earning projections lower than expected from major local companies, more job cuts are scheduled and a report that foreclosures for January were nearly 20% higher than a year ago.

It reminded me that, as sales professionals, we possibly have more control over our future than people in so many other professions.  We are compensated based on our efforts and sales results.  And if we don’t get caught in the negative traps of believing NO one is buying, we can continue to take actions to succeed.

To help you succeed, I’m sharing ideas for ACTIONS you can take to Recession Proof your Sales in a Salesopedia podcast.  Salesopedia Editor, Clayton Shold, has just posted the 7 minute podcast of his interview with me on recession proofing you rbusiness.  Click here to access the podcast.

Take action on the ideas today and you won’t be the sad news next month.