The rain has finally stopped in Wisconsin and I am looking forward to planting my vegetable garden this weekend.  For the past 20+ years we spend a day ‘getting dirty’ in the garden.  The process is messy – and the yield later in July, August and September is well worth it.

It’s the same with our sales success.  The seeds we sow today may not bear fruit for a while, yet that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be constantly planting them.

dollar plantToo often I coach managers and sales pros who don’t have enough in their pipeline.  Once the pipeline looked ‘full’ they stopped sowing.  Big mistake!  We need to identify our ‘reap ratio’ and timing and then sow continuously to keep an even number of ripe prospects at each step of the sales cycle.

What do I mean? Well, in my garden for example, I only plant certain veggies once a season. While other veggies – like onions and lettuce – and some herbs need to be planted every 4-6 weeks for a continuous fresh crop throughout the season.

It’s the same in your pipeline!  Some prospects may bear fruit sooner than others.  The continuous monitoring of where the prospects are in your sales cycle will allow you to have a continuous crop of sales throughout the year.

Fortunately rainy days and weather don’t affect the sowing process at work as much as it does in my backyard.  It might be a dirty process of digging in to find the right leads, secure referrals and make those phone calls, but the yield (and $$) will be there if you sow the right seeds now.