What did you think of the headline?  Who is it about?  What will you get if you read the sales tips?  More sales!  This headline is an example of turning a WHAT into WiifT.

It’s a great sales principle.  And a recent blogpost by Perry Belcher, an internet marketer, makes it SO simple!.  Whether you love or hate internet marketing the format helps us easily turn Whats into WIIFTs (What’s in it for Them) and really capture attention and more sales.

Perry states that making powerful headlines for marketing can be done with ONE word as a transition – SO.  I agree that works.  And when we apply this to our sales calls, we can make the transition (and perceived value) even stronger by adding in the word YOU or a derivative of you (your) to the SO which makes the other person sit up and pay attention because now its about THEM!  (What is most people’s favorite subject?  Yup, themselves!)

In our sales training workshops we teach that stating features is very “me” focused.  And that we increase the perception of value of our offering by turning the feature into a benefit for the listener.  We have participants work through an activity of listing features and then imaging that as each feature is stated, the listener is thinking “So what?”  And when we need answer the so what and tie it in to what is important to the listener our credibility increases, their attention increases and perceived value skyrockets!



  • Our wireless timekeeping systems are run by GPS SO YOU will always have accurate time and so that your records are legal.  (two so yous)!
  • We will develop a custom hiring process SO YOUR company’s processes are streamlined and more cost effective.
  • Our lawn care system is less costly than your other options SO YOU will save time and headaches.
  • We guarantee our work SO YOU can rest assured that your investment is protected.
  • Our customer service department is open 24/7 SO YOU you will never have to wait to contact us if you need information.

Seems easy enough, doesn’t it?  But what gets in the way of making those what to wiift transitions?

It takes effort, means we have to know something about who we are talking with so we can make the connection specific to them and we have to remove the focus from me to we or THEM!

Hmmm.  All those actions sound like great collaborative selling.

Check in with a comment…what are some other ways you make sure the focus of your whats are tied into THEM? Make the time to comment SO YOU can reinforce this sales principle and use it to sell more.


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