Do you have capacity to help more people?

Most advisors do. Yet they get stuck in the “How do I get in front of more people?” conundrum.

The good news is that TODAY is a fantastic opportunity to add more value to existing relationships so you can start new relationships.

Similar to the beginning of the pandemic, the recent proposed tax law changes create an opportunity to start new conversations. The advisors who added value in those first weeks and months of the pandemic, were able to strengthen those relationships and work with more people last year than they ever have.

The uncertainty, confusion, and fear surrounding how the proposed tax changes will affect individuals is a HUGE opportunity to help people in your current circle—clients, working groups, COIs, even your friends and family, if that’s comfortable for you.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. First, connect with those you know to see how you can help them—their challenges and opportunities to get in front of the changes. You’re most likely doing this already.
  2. Make an offer, as a courtesy to them, to add value to other people that they know and care about.

It’s a way to get referrals in a very upright and value-adding way…by making an offer of help versus an ask for help.

An Example of Making a Referral Offer 

It can sound like this (to keep it genuine, put this in your own words and style):

Mark, I’m glad I was able to answer your questions about these upcoming proposed changes, and we’ll stay on top of this for you.

And because these changes have started a lot of conversations in homes, workplaces, neighborhoods people have a lot of questions these days. As a courtesy to you I am willing to talk with those people you know and care about who do have questions about their own situation and what these changes might mean to them.

Pause — let them digest what you’ve said. Then…

Get more specific.

If there are people you’ve heard talking about this or asking about it, I can spend 20-30 minutes with them to answer at least one of their tax questions. And if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to get it for them.


To make it easy, if you will make a joint email introduction that leaves it up to me to follow up and you are not the middle person. I promise you it’s not a disguised sales pitch, I will help them with a question, concern, or fear they have.

What are your thoughts on this?

Right now, you’re probably thinking:

“Oh, that sounds too easy.” Or “That sounds manipulative.”

Challenge that thinking! You’re offering help in a very sincere way, not manipulating. And if you’re not sincere, don’t use this strategy!

It really can be that easy. You are letting people in your “circle” know that you can help others they know with something very specific that is on MANY people’s mind!

So, what do you think? Ready to DO this?

Use the Phone!

Make this offer through a phone call, even if you leave a voicemail, with this flow:

  • What questions do you have? I’m here for you
  • Make the offer
  • Follow up with an email

Why call? The call is most impactful because they can hear your tone of voice.

Don’t let your fear or ego keep you from leveraging this important trigger event. Start making phone calls today!

Where to Start Reaching Out

Review the people in your network: Your current clients, the prospects you’ve talked with who you thought would be great clients (This is also a great way to reconnect.), centers of influence, family and friends, and others in your broader network.

Don’t get hung up thinking that you can’t do this until you have a perfect script or the perfect words or time. NOW is the time.

If you are genuinely sincere, the intent of your offer for providing help will be felt, and heard, and that is what will make this work for you…and them.

My Offer to You – Free Sales Coaching!

If you want to work on this strategy, I offer a free 30-minute Sales Strategy Conversation focused on YOU. A specific challenge or opportunity you choose anchors our conversation. You will have 30 minutes to tackle the topic with me and leave with a plan. And if you have somebody you know or care about who needs help with their sales, share the link with them as well.

It is a sincere offer: You will get practical and actionable advice because I believe in what you do and that more people need to work with you!