coin stacksFor the past 18 months I’ve heard Sellers and leaders use the economy as a reason for a lot things from:

  • Poor results (No one is buying.)
  • Lack of time (We’re short people right now.)
  • Lack of product development (We cut our development budget.)
  • Reduced time in the field with sellers or having sellers in for face time (Budget reductions.)

Notice how these are all focused on ‘less’ ?  What if  instead we focused on what the changing economy has created more of?  Opportunity!  Opportunity to:

  • Differentiate among the sea of competitors stuck in  ‘less than’ mentality
  • Innovation – processes, markets, products, mind set
  • Tap into people that are available
  • Trim waste – activities, processes, relationships
  • Learn

Congratulations if you are succeeding in 2010!  Many sellers and companies are having record years!  If not, time to step back and consider what you are focusing on…Is it more or less?