manufacturing & Industrial sales

Is Your Team Meeting Your Sales Goals?

Manufacturing and industrial sales have a unique environment right now. The landscape is competitive and commoditized. Often there’s a middleman – a consultant, buying group, or distributor – who is pushing for the lowest price.

What’s worked in the past doesn’t seem to work. The orders aren’t just flooding in and your hard-working salespeople don’t know what to do differently.

And it's frustrating.

  • How do you equip your sellers to be more proactive and productive in their selling activities?
  • How do you get out of the price way with your buyers?
  • How do you get the attention needed from the middleman, so you are the provider of choice?

That's where we come in.

Sales Pro Insider’s manufacturing and industrial sales solutions to help you get your product in more hands and facilities.

Whether you have a tenured sales team or are trying to figure out how to get the rookies up to speed faster, we can help.

Solutions to get you where you need to be:

Sales Training

It’s not about knowing about sales. It’s about doing it. Our training provides the “how tos” for more than the consultative sale…today’s collaborative selling is key.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Everything is easier when you have the right people in the right roles. We use objective assessments that illuminate strengths and hidden weaknesses so you increase the probability of hiring successful associates who fit you!

Coaching Training

Great sales coaching focuses on accountability and action. We’ll either equip you or your leaders to coach well or coach you or your team directly. 

You’ve worked hard to earn your customers’ trust and business. Equip your customer-facing team to keep them with conversations that deliver a great experience...and positive outcome.



We have worked with Nancy Bleeke and Sales Pro Insider for the past 3 years. I was first introduced to Nancy when our Company was looking for a sales-specific assessment that we could use in the hiring process to help us identify the right hires. Since that time, we have been using this assessment process and have definitely seen an increased level of success in identifying high caliber sales talent. Our Company was also looking for a solid sales training curriculum to provide consistency of process for both our new and more experienced sellers as well as sales management.

The core training program itself, coupled with the reinforcer process has been instrumental in helping our sales teams exceed plan each year since we began the program! As an HR leader who has worked with a variety of sales training programs over the years, I am most excited that this initiative has been owned and driven from our division and sales leadership team versus a program that HR has “forced” into the organization. I highly recommend Sales Pro Insider!


David Aldridge

VP, Human Resources, North American


As we worked with Nancy, she has shown interest in our company and our employees that goes way above and beyond what we would have ever expected from an outside consultant. I really cannot find the words that will express how great we sincerely feel about her and the investment we made in Nancy. This has led, in our opinions, to our relationship growing from one of a hired contractor to one of a valued partner.

One of the unique things about working with Nancy is how she is able to adapt and tailor her services to meet the individual needs of your organization. Over the couple of years we have worked with Nancy, we have used her services in other capacities ranging from Employee coaching to Strategic Planning and on to Employee Recruitment. She has helped us completely revamp our approach in the recruitment area. This has led us to be able to find and vet excellent talent that I do not believe we would have otherwise been able to recruit to our organization.

  • Record monthly sales in 2 of the first 4 months.
  • Increased the profit margin by 30% in the first six months.
  • 50% more of the sales reps achieved their goals in first quarter.

Gregg Pepper

Superior Industrial Supply


The WIIFT and Tribal Types tools have significantly increased my confidence in sales situations. In particular the focus on preparation and the Wait Step have allowed me to better utilize every conversation I have.



Outcomes You Can Expect

It’s not magic and it won’t happen overnight. But with time, effort, accountability, and coaching you will have:

  • A team of salespeople who are energized and equipped to sell your solution.
  • Higher profit margins as your team is more confident to work through objections.
  • Less stress for your managers as they are equipped to coach to the right behaviors and actions.
  • Less turnover as you hire best fit candidates who have a high probability of performing at the level you need.