Comfortably, Confidently, and Collaboratively Work Through Your Prospects’ Objections

A Free 7-part Mini-course on Navigating Objections for Financial Advisors
Training Host

Nancy Bleeke

Sales Pro Insider, Inc.

Become comfortable working through objections with your prospects + Boost your conversion and revenue + Experience less rejection

Are your prospects’ objections leading to lost sales and lost confidence?

Knowing how to navigate objections is a crucial skill for any financial advisor who wants to experience less rejection and more successful selling.

But, for most financial advisors, working through objections with their prospects is not a skill they’ve had an opportunity to build—which is why I created a free, self-guided mini-course on objections made specifically for finance professionals like you!

In this 7-module mini-course, you’ll discover:

  • How to work through objections without being pushy or “salesy”
  • What you can do to maintain trust and credibility when objections are raised
  • How to understand your prospects’ objections and work together on a solution
  • Ways to develop a powerful mindset around objections, seeing them as opportunities
  • How to hear your prospects’ objections as legitimate concerns—and not something to be “handled”
  • Common mistakes financial advisors make when they hear objections
  • Easy frameworks to apply to the most common objections—giving you confidence in every conversation!

How much are objections costing your business in lost revenue?

Attracting new clients is expensive in both time and financial resources—and the costs only increases when you fail to collaboratively work through an objection! Worse yet, many professionals ignore their prospects’ concerns and believe that “overcoming” an objection is the only solution.

When you reflect on all the conversations you’ve had with new or existing clients when an objection came up, it quickly becomes clear: objections could be costing you thousands each month.

A financial advisor would never recommend their clients stay with a value-losing investment—so why continue losing money to objections?

In just 45 minutes, you’ll gain a powerful toolkit from our free mini-course, becoming confident and comfortable with collaboratively solving objections—without harming your trust or credibility.

The Collaborating Through Objections Course Was Made For:

Financial advisors who are tired of losing sales, clients and confidence when prospects bring objections—and are ready to make a change that’s both effective and collaborative!

This 7-part mini-course can be completed at your own pace, a powerful introduction to working through objections in a way that few financial advisors know to apply.

This mini-course will help even the most sales-averse financial advisor succeed—and delight prospects who are happy to be heard and part of the solution!

You have the financial expertise that can transform your clients’ futures and finances.

What you don’t yet have is the mastery of working through objections alongside prospects, a critical skill for growing your business.

Don’t lose sales, turn off prospects or face rejection.

Leverage this mini-course to gain the skills and confidence you need to navigate your prospects’ objections—collaboratively!

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