It’s November and daylight hours are waning in the northern hemisphere.

How hard is it to perform at your peak when many of your waking hours are dark?

peak_performanceDo you notice that you just need more energy to get “up and at it’ each day?

How do you keep your mind focused and your activity level high?

Here’s a starter: Watch this 3 minute video from Nike for a powerful reminder of how our mental state, self-talk, and desire impact us digging in and taking action.

One of the statements made by the narrator during the video is, “So just make sure this is something you want.”

Tapping into your energy to get it done is easier when you know what you want to get done or accomplish. Knowing the outcome and goal you seek makes it easier to stay the course as you make the most of the 7 weeks left in 2013.

Now is a great time to refocus on the goals you set earlier this year. To help you focus on what you want, you’ll find helpful posts and tools for goal achievement here and here.

Enjoy the video and keep working ‘it’, results follow productive activity.

Your Turn! What do you do to keep your energy up and your goals in focus? Share your comments here and you’ll be entered in the drawing for a signed copy of Conversations That Sell.