American Football Close up on Field with yard lines in the distance

Sales teams around the world are soon to begin the first week of the 4th quarter of their 2015 season. And you can take some lessons from pro football to ensure your 4th quarter ends up in the Win column.

The NFL season has completed its first weekend of the 2015-16 season.

Using the pro football teams process for preparation could move your sales team to a successful quarter.

Think about what they have done to be game ready for not only the first game, but the whole season. The team prepared:

  • Coaches worked year round to prepare for this season.
  • Set expectations for conditioning requirements for anyone on the early roster.
  • Held summer camps where fundamentals are reviewed, practiced and plays are developed, observed, and reworked.
  • Played Pre-season games so the team continued to develop and plays were tried, evaluated, and adjusted as the team was compared to the competition.
  • Made cuts and refined rosters.

What if all sales leaders, owners, took the approach of NFL owners and coaches before every sales quarter started? Imagine what would happen.

Now is the time to really prepare for the next “season” so that from day one, the entire team knows their goal, is trained to start out with a bang, and is mentally and physically prepared to succeed.

Then, each week, review results , identify what worked and what didn’t’, make adjustments, tune-up, treat injuries, and follow through on accountability measures for performance for each person on the team; from leaders to sales support.

Imagine the wonderful and winning season you would have… can you visualize it? It’s up to you to get it started. Get the pads and gear ready and go!


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