informationWant to be invaluable to your customers?  Decrease their dependency on you by providing helpful information.

This idea is really not as ‘duh’ as you might think! In fact it could be a brilliant strategy depending on the type of business you are in.

An example for you to consider:  This morning I was having yet another computer issue and my IT Tech guy – Tom Karakis of Alpha Geeks – once again fixed it -but also helped me understand what happened and what I could do to resolve it next time or prevent it. As I was explaining the information Tom shared,  I mentioned this to my team and then had the AHA!  He always does that.

As he helps me understand something of how he fixed something, he isn’t decreasing my dependency on him. He is saving himself redundant service time AND keeping me loyal and coming back for more.

How can you do that in your business? How can you educate your buyers/customers so that there is even more value to the product, service or solution that you offer?  A few tips:

  • Track the questions that you are asked by your customers and your prospects during the sales process
  • Reviewing the information you track, look for similarities
  • Identify how you can share that information proactively or just-in-time – this is when social media and the drip marketing approach is effective. You stay in touch as you share useful information!
  • Track the reactions and information that seems most valuable to allow you to know what information to keep sharing

It may seem a little ‘fussy’ for many sales professionals…but think of the pay offs!  More referrals, expanded sales with your existing customers and a reason to stay in touch with prospects!  You become invaluable as you provide value-filled information.

What other ideas do you have for making yourself invaluable with information?