Today I am in a workshop beginning the journey of building sales increases with a group of sales professionals. We will work through 8 weeks of building sales skill, beliefs and action!  Not everyone can make the time to attend a robust course like I offer, so if you are looking for a quick read book with proven strategies to sell more in the next 30 days, keep reading.

My friend, Paul McCord, has just released his new book, Bust Your Slump: A Dozen Slump Busting Strategies to Fill Your Pipeline in 30 Days.  It’s FULL of 12 proven, effective strategies that will produce business for you FAST!

In fact, another awesome sales ‘guy’, Jacques Werth, author of High Probability Selling, calls Paul “one of the world’s most pragmatic trainers.”  Bust Your Slump proves exactly why.  Bust Your SLump - Paul McCord

What you’ll find are REAL, ACTIONABLE, PROVEN strategies that will put real prospects and sales in your pipeline
Paul designed this book to be a quick read but one that gives you everything you need to implement these dynamic sales generation strategies.

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Each chapter is laid out to:

  • Present the Slump Busting Strategy
  • Give you Detailed Guidance on How to Implement It
  •  And then Paul demonstrates its power by relating how it worked for one of  his clients.

Whether you sell

  • business-to-business or business-to-consumer
  • are engaged in a one-time close sale or a long-term sales cycle
  • sell a commodity or a sophisticated product or service
  • are in inside or outside sales

you’ll find strategies that will work for you.

If you purchase Bust Your Slump today or tomorrow you’ll get hundreds of dollars of free bonuses from some of the best sales minds in the business (including me!) such as Keith Rosen, Dave Brock, Terri Dunevant, Dave Kurlan, Jill Konrath, Dan Waldschmidt, Kelley Robertson, Diane Helbig, Tibor Shanto and many more–just for investing $14.95–and discovering the strategies that will Bust Your Slump and Fill Your Pipeline.

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By the way, want a Kindle edition instead of the paperback?  Get it here.

And if you do bust your slump, let me know which strategies worked best for you!