recoveryMany of us continuously look for signs of economic recovery.  And for me, today provided a lot of positive signs!

I had 5 appointments today – its a lot in one day for the in depth needs analysis and follow-up I do, and I am exhausted tonight as I finish up notes and follow-up actions.

Yes, as I am recapping, I noticed that there is a trend…4 of the 5 presidents/business owners reported healthy sales increases this year!  The lowest? 9%, the highest? Over 30%!

What’s this mean to me?  Some good and some bad news. The good? They now have money to spend on consulting and training. The bad? If sales are up, they don’t think they need any help with their sales teams!  (I won’t let that deter me from finding ways to get them to even higher levels 🙂

More importantly, What’s this mean to you?  If you are operating under the ‘no one is spending’ and ‘no one has budget’ beliefs – STOP!  Those sellers and companies that are READY when the buyers are will recover much quicker than those with their heads down.

Find the signs of recovery in your industry – share the good news with your propsects.  You can send a note saying “Have you seen the lastest blah-blah-blah, stating that blah-blah-blah”?   Even if they disagree with the facts you have –  you have started a conversation to build from!  It’s an opportunity to connect.

What signs are you noticing?  Is it time to capitalize on the opportunities emerging?