Today is “Tell an Old Joke” day according to several websites including

toothbrushIn the spirit of old jokes then…

The top toothbrush salesman at the company was asked by his boss how he managed to sell so many brushes.

He replied “It’s easy” and he pulled out his card table, setting his display of brushes on top. He told his boss, I lay the brushes out like this, and then I put out some potato chips and dip to draw in the customers.

He laid out his chips and dip.

His boss said, “That’s a very innovative approach” and took one of the chips, dipped it, and stuck it in his mouth. “Yuck, this tastes terrible!” his boss yelled.

The salesman replied “IT IS! Want to buy a toothbrush?” 

It seems that you CAN make your market after all.

Good selling everyone!


p.s. It’s also the following ‘holidays’ so I guess we should grab a cousin, a bottle of tequila and head for some fast food!

*Cousins Day
*National Drive-Thru Day
*National Tequila Day