Happy 2012!

What are your dreams and goals for this year? What is it that you want to DO, HAVE, or ENJOY?

Well, when I ask that question, many people start telling me what they DON’T want. And the lists are long. It is hard to get that turned to identifying the target or goal.

That’s why when I saw this video from Laura Goodrich, calling Seeing Red Cars, I jumped on Laura’s bandwagon:

“We get more of whatever we focus on.”

If you want to be successful in 2012 – and this should be YOUR definition of what success is for you – I suggest that you:

  1. Click here to watch the 10 minute Seeing Red Cars video. Click on the Preview button. Though it’s her preview – you will view the entire message.
  2. Then to help you identify what you want, click here to get your Timely Tips to Achieve Your Goals eBook. The activities and FREE Goal Planner will help you map out your goals.
  3. Focus on the first 60 days of 2012 for your action plan. That’s enough to get you moving in the right direction and committed to specific activities.
  4. Use the 4R Goal Review process outlined in the eBook each month to keep on track and moving forward.

red vw

What’s interesting for me in writing this reminder for all of you,  is that each January, my team and I mapped out the goals for the year. One of the papers was stuffed in cabinet and was ‘found’ last week. Surprising – even without having it in front of us all year, EVERY item was achieved!  Including a book ‘deal’ for me!  More on that to come. So, one of my personal goals is to finish writing the book on TIME this year for publication in early 2013.

p.s. Everyone’s ‘red car’ is different. My ‘fun’ red car is a convertible VW bug – others are Porsches or Ferraris. It doesn’t matter – find what YOU want.

Take 45 minutes today to watch the Seeing Red Cars video and then use  your FREE Goal Planner in the eBook to focus on what YOU want in 2012.