Genuinely Make Every Conversation Count To Build Performance, Profits, and People

Today’s selling environment is tough. Your clients and prospects have more choices and information for getting their needs met than ever. They prefer buying from a trusted and strategic partner rather than just a vendor.

Sales professionals who look beyond the win-win and strive for the Win3 in every conversation outperform the rest. When each seller is willing and equipped to focus on what’s most important; rather Who is most important–their customer, they become the trusted advisor that customers seek. This focus builds and strengthens relationships and the perceived value of your services.

Genuine Sales equips, engages, and energizes your sellers to deliver world-class, customer-centric, collaborative conversations so that everyone wins.

3 Key Reasons Why Genuine Sales Works

  1. We build habits. You are assured a healthy ROI with our process for training. Powerful information is delivered in an interactive and relevant Workshop and then supported by a series of Reinforcers that drive the information into repeatable and productive actions. Genuine Sales graduates experience 5-25% sales and productivity increases.
  2. The focus is on Them. The course components ensure each sales conversation focuses on who is most important, their customer. WiifT, an acronym for What’s in it for Them is also used as the framework (WIIFT) of the conversation. This ‘What’s in it for Them’ philosophy is integral through EACH step of the sales conversation.
  3. Competence and Confidence are developed. Proven concepts build habits for success and the Skill and the Will to perform and achieve. Competence or Skill is important, yet without the Will or Confidence to deliver, it is ineffective. The training process delivers content, activities, and accountability to build Skill and Will.

Course Format

To ensure relevancy and actionable take-aways, the Genuine Sales training is personalized to your selling environment after pre-training interviews. For even more targeted training, full customization of materials, tools, and your own personal resource website is available.

The initial training is delivered:

Additional modules for specific sales skills such as prospecting, negotiations, powerful presentations, referral building, and more are available for continued development.

What’s Included

Genuine Sales develops specific selling Skills: preparation for sales calls, initiating the conversation, investigating with powerful questions and listening, demonstrating your services connected to what’s most important to the buyer, working through objections, and closing the conversation with a decision or commitment. Plus provides the format to develop the Will components: Integrated Beliefs, Goal Transparency, Initiative, and Emotional Intelligence.

To make the skills stick, tools and resources that aid your people to consistently deliver value in the sales process are introduced, used, and reinforced. The Genuine Sales’ models, tools, and ongoing resources guarantee the Skill and Will are strengthened today and tomorrow.

The Sales System – the guide to map out a productive sales conversation every time. Each step of W I I F T delivers value and focuses the conversation on your services to build the trusted Advisor relationship.

Tribal Types – the communication Model that allows each person to understand their own customs and how to adapt to and best communicate with others. This understanding allows each sales conversation to be relevant and engaging to the customer.

Success Drivers – “what it takes” for long-term success. The Drivers are the engine that propels a person to implement and use the skills and tools.

  1. Integrated Beliefs – the beliefs that impact activities and results.
  2. Goal Transparency – written, clear, and visible goals.
  3. Initiative – self-directed energy focused on what is most important every day.
  4. Emotional Intelligence – understanding how their own emotions impact actions.

Quick Prep Tool – Consistent preparation leads to 17-25% better results. The Quick Prep Tool outlines the prep items to make every conversation, effective, easy, and efficient.

Goal Planner – An easy-to-implement process for goal achievement that can be used and leveraged throughout your organization to identify, plan for, and coach to goal achievement.

The Genuine Sales robust training course builds more than just skills. It’s the complete foundation to ensure your sales professionals make each conversation count.

And There’s More…

The Sales Pro Insider’s team of sales experts also delivers effective targeted custom sales enablement solutions, coaching, and training workshops for team meetings and company events. Some of the most requested:

  • Hiring top sales performers
  • Powerful presentations
  • Cross-selling
  • Working through objections/ Negotiations
  • Repeatable referrals
  • Coaching for success
  • Major account management strategy
  • Salesforce Effectiveness Analysis
  • Prospecting

We look forward to exploring how this course may impact your team.

Investment Information

Providing financial investment information prior to establishing value for your specific training initiative is risky. Without understanding how you will implement, the number of participants, and format of virtual versus on-site, the investment is a short in the dark.

While the focus may be on the financial dollars when comparing business partners/providers, the real costs of training include opportunity costs if the training is not effective, time away from selling activities, employee engagement effects, and the time and energy of the leaders and participants.

The process for implementing Genuine Sales provides for an immersion of information, tools, and commitment to strengthen your ability to increase sales volume, market share growth, referrals, cross-selling, customer retention, and employee satisfaction.

When SPI facilitates the course for you, the following is included:

  • Telephone pre-training interviews to learn your business and ensure relevancy. Sales collateral materials will also be reviewed.
  • Manager Orientation via webinar
  • Facilitation of the Workshop and Reinforcers by an SPI professional
  • Weekly communication messages to participants and managers (30 minute weekly meeting with sales managers is optional)
  • Individual Participant Licenses:
    • Course workbook for all sessions
    • Assessments for pre- and post-training
    • Pocket Guide
    • Tribal Types, Quick Prep Tool, Goal Planner, and Success Drivers Tools
    • Website access to online tools, relevant reading selections, and audio messages
    • Certificate of Achievement
    • NEW! Mobile App so the tools and tips are available wherever they are – no excuses for not preparing.
  • Measurement:
    • Summary reports indicating Skill and Will development with pre- and post-sales survey results from the participant and manager viewpoint.
    • Dollars of sales and opportunities attributed to the use of the tools, ideas, and resources are gathered.
    • We collaborate with you to identify additional specific metrics you will measure internally to determine growth in areas such as loan volume, acres insured, insurance, tax, and account review, market share penetration, referrals.

If your budget and resources allow for the training to be facilitated by one of your internal professionals, a Train the Trainer option is available: SPI will equip a team member to facilitate the training. Your investment is $4,995 per trainer plus $495 license for each participant.

We have a 99.6% report of a break even within six months. Sales will increase more than your per person investment within six months when each person uses the tools and resources in their sales conversations.

That’s a healthy ROI for equipping your sales professionals to build relationships, sales, cross-selling opportunities, and ultimately your company.