Feeling like you are in a sales slump? You know, the type of slump where you just aren’t sure why sales aren’t progressing or why your buyers are not returning your calls, and wonder how you can get out of it fast?

If so, join a dear friend and colleague, Kim Duke, “The Sales Diva” for the New Women in Sales Webinar: Sales Slumps: How to Avoid Them and How to Climb Out of Them.  

Kim is high energy, full of MANY tips, and entertaining. You can register here for the free webinar.

More details:

Thursday, April 19th at 1 p.m. Eastern 

Sponsored by Verizon Wireless (There is no cost for this webinar) 

Do you have the uneasy feeling that your SALES ARE WILTING?

You were busy getting customers. Life was good. And then, all of a sudden sales just dried up.

SALES SLUMPS: Those times when you just can’t find your selling rhythm. When you can’t seem to close the sale despite your best effort. When each sale that you do get seems much harder than it ever was before. When you are working harder than ever but your sales are down and the pressure is on. Slumps leave you . . .

o wondering WHAT HAPPENED??

o worried it is going to last FOREVER

o NOT SURE what to do to FIX IT

o PANICKING about sales for the next few months and BEYOND.

Breathe easy – help has arrived!

Kim Duke, Founder of www.salesdivas.com, is an international sales expert for women in business and she’s here to KICKSTART YOU out of your SALES SLUMP! She’s worked with some of the top companies and franchises in North America (like the NBA), the US Business Administration and thousands of entrepreneurs. In this Women in Sales Webinar you’ll learn:

o WHY your sales have dried up

o WHAT CAUSED your nasty SLUMP

o HOW TO FIX your SLUMP now!

o How to tap the money RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSE and start closing business today.

Look, we have all been there; and whether you are in a slump now or sailing along on easy street, this is a webinar that you don’t want to miss, because one way or another you’re going to need these lessons.

Register Now. The free Verizon series of seminars offers timely topics and tips for anyone in sales. Just last Ausgust, Alice Kemper and I shared our tips to hundreds of sales people – and the number of attendees for these keep growing, indicating the value being given.

Make the time and get yourself out of the slump and into more sales!