A Sales Builder Webinar – FREE for you!  If you are in a role where you need to coax the most productivity of salespeople you know it’s not easy.  Helping others succeed may be the toughest job there is!

The question is, how do we increase sales through others?

  1. Set higher goals?
  2. Tell them its a “do or die” year?
  3. Buy them better tools like a Blackberry or faster laptop?
  4. Help them discover their personal barriers to higher success?
  5. Give them a u-rah-rah speech?
  6. Help them build their success habits?

Our FREE webinar for anyone in the position to impact others’ sales results will provide you with tips that will allow your sales team to succeed.  This is for sales managers, presidents, business owners, HR managers and anyone who is ready to help others’ succeed this year!

We will share the “inside” secrets to help you:

  1. Increase the sales results of your team
  2. Decrease your turnover and recruiting expenses
  3. Maximize each person’s talents and abilities

building-blocksFebruary 3, 2009

10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Central Time

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Questions? call Nancy Bleeke at 414.422.1689.