What does it take to form a great first impression?  Lynn Zimmer, of the Sales Pro Insider team, shares a quick tip today:

The Rule of Twelve

 If people make “snap” judgments about you in the first 7 seconds, what are they saying about you?

Focus on the “Rule of Twelve” to make your first impression favorable.

  • The first twelve inches from the shoulders up – Smile, make eye contact
  • The first twelve steps a person takes – Project confidence, be alert (not focused on your notes or phone
  • The first twelve words a person states – Be friendly and sincere – make your greeting about THEM

 “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

                                                                              Credited to Oscar Wilde

Thanks Lynn for an insightful tip on how we can use twelve as a measure for making the best FIRST impression!


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