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Timely Tips for Hiring Top Sales Performers

It’s time to add someone to the team. Are you confident your process for selecting new team members yields the best result? You may have had some bad experiences in the past. 

Hiring is scary, isn’t it? After all, how do you ensure the new hire:

  • Will work well within the business, team, and culture?
  • Will serve your clients well?
  • Can and will be able to bring in business? 

Hiring is risky. The decision either yields a productive team member or costs you big time. Financial, reputation, clients, and your sanity are all at risk.

That’s why you need to increase your probability with a good hiring process.

Just like a good business plan, netting a new team member needs a  good hiring plan.

We can help. At Sales Pro Insider, we have a passion to help businesses grow. 

Grow sales, grow people, grow the number of people your service can help. That’s why I’m offering you a free eBook on Timely Tips for Hiring Top Sales Performers.

In this short eBook I explain the importance of Skill and Will. Small business owners especially need to hire right the first time. And, given a choice, hire for Will every time.

Whether you’re hiring for sales or another function, the examples and format for interviews (always behavior based) are valuable strategies for you.

Timely Tips for
Hiring Top Sales Performers

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Nancy Bleeke

ā€ˇPresident and Chief Sales Officer,
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