The information exchange in selling conversations is powerful. Our information exchange either makes deals—or loses them. Sometimes the “tug-of-war” in getting and sharing relevant information becomes the barrier to closing the deal.

Caution: it might not be the customer holding back information—it might be you.

CompetitionOh how life provides me with great sales tips fodder! I’ve been in the market for a new vehicle, an SUV, for 3 months now. As a sales professional who also teaches other sales professionals, I think of myself as a good buyer. I ask for what I want and need, lay out what they need to do to sell to me, and make quick decisions.

That’s why my recent experiences have me stumped asking, “Why do we, as sellers, make it more difficult than it needs to be?”

My husband and I selected the vehicle we wanted with the “must-have” options and those that would be nice, but not deal breakers. After doing much research, we had our colors and our price point. All we needed was information on options. Doesn’t that sound like an easy sale? It would’ve been…

After a visit to the showroom, I asked for the same information three times. My final email in following up (yes, I was the one following up) stated that if I don’t have it by days’ end I am walking.

Now, why did I have to get to that point? The seller didn’t need to complicate the sale. After  my demanding email I got what I needed and we picked up our vehicle last Saturday. While we’re thrilled with the vehicle, we aren’t with the effort and the extra two weeks it took to get it.

Why did we have to tug so hard to get simple information (like -how much are door guards)? We didn’t have other easy options so we had to keep going back. They made a sale…but did not cultivate a loyal buyer.

To avoid over-complicating your sales,  try simplifying your information exchange with the following tips:

  • Pay attention to what the buyer asks for. Determine how to best get them the information they request.
  • Ensure that you provide the information in the way they want. Ask them the best way to share it. Though I was fine with verbal information, my husband prefers it in writing.
  • Verify their timing. Identify when they expect the information and make sure you meet their deadlines!

Bottom line, whether you sell luxury vehicles or file folders, don’t play tug-of-war with information. Identify the information the buyer needs and requests—then provide it timely. They will most likely reciprocate in getting you the information you need to close the sale.